Sat., Jan 11/20 @ 9am

Posted on: Dec. 12, 2019

Sat., Jan 11/20 @ 9am

Firearms & Accessories. 
for the late John Ruston of Ottawa  
to be held @ Lombardy Agricultural Hall  
@ 6 Kellys Road, Lombardy, Ontario K0G 1L0  
Just off Hwy 15  
on Sat., Jan. 11/20 @ 9 am 

Firearms – Steyr mod 1886 cal 8x 0.  Baikal 12 g o/u (new). 2-12 g pump 3” Dominion Arms shotgun. Canuck 12g pump 3” (new).  7.62 Mosin-Nagant bolt action b/a rifle. Mannlicher 6.5 rifle. 303 Enfield. Springfield 45 cal army rifle. 7.62 Mauser action rifle. Model 71 Mauser rifle. Double barrel outside hammer 16g. Mossberg 12g pump 3” shotgun. Swedish 30.06 b/a rifle. Six 57 Sniders. Martini Henry – 357 mag-38 Special lever action (new). Martini Henry’s (577 cal & 457 cal). Two 43 cal b/a rifles. 6.5 Mauser action rifle. Three 50 cal Lyman muzzle loaders. 3” d/b Dominion Arms 12g shotgun. 3 other 12g d/b shotguns. Raptor 12g 3” mag shotgun (semi). Ricol 20g d/b o/u shotgun. Churchill 12g pump 3” mag shotgun. 12g s/s shotgun.  16 g s/s shotgun. Ruger 10/22 (no clip, w/ scope). Sears model 684 .410 shotgun 2.5 and 3 inch, full choke, single shot. C.I.L. made in Brazil model 402 .410 2.5 and 3 inch, full choke, single shot. Lee Enfield Mark 5 .303 sporter jungle carbine with Tasco 4 x 32 scope. Deutshce Werke made in DPR Germany Model 1 .22 LR single shot.

Approx. 250 pellet & BB guns guns (new).  Approx. 50 air soft guns (new). Several taser canes. Very large qty knives (skinning, jack, pocket, hunting, butcher etc). Several machetes. Qty scopes & red dots. Army oilers, clothing, toy guns & accessories. Qty reloading equip’t. Hand gun safe. Qty rifle & pistol cases. Nazi & German memorabilia. Arrows. Fishing tackle. Collection of stamps & coins. Hand tools. 2 dehumidifiers. Queen size bed. Single box spring & mattress.  Hide-a-bed. Futon. Chest of drawers & dresser & many other items too numerous to mention…. 

Preview 7:30 am auction day. No photos were taken as everything was pre-packaged.  An unexpected full day auction sale. 

Terms:  Cash or Cheque Only – Catering 


Jim Hands: The Voice of Experience 
Phone: (613) 812-1338     
Auctioneer & Qualified Appraiser

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